What happens in an appointment?

During your first consultation we will take a detailed medical history relating to your current problem.

In the examination, we will ask you to perform certain movements and we will look at the way that you move using your muscles compare to when we move your joints.  We will use our hands to palpate the muscles and joints around the affected area. We may use some orthopaedic or neurological tests to check the function of specific structures: muscles, ligaments, joints and nerves.  We may use some tests which look at the integration of more complex systems like gait, balance, muscle chains. You may need to remove some clothing for this.

We will fully explain the results of the history and examination with you. Then, if treatment is appropriate, we will discuss which therapy would best suit you, and give you some idea of the time and number of treatments needed to help improve your condition.

Treatment starts in the first session.  Treatment is often a combination techniques which might include massage, muscle stretching, joint mobilisations, and joint manipulations as appropriate. We may also suggest exercises, or changes to lifestyle and body use to prevent the problem recurring

Follow up sessions review the symptoms and examination findings, and treatment is guided as appropriate.


Osteopathy and/or Medical Acupuncture:

Your first appointment... £55 (1 hour)

Follow-up treatments… £42 (1/2 hour)



Your first appointment... £45 (40 mins)

Follow-up treatments... £35 (20 mins)

Biomechanical assessment...£45 (40 mins)


Orthotics (prescription insoles)… off-the-shelf from £20, semi-custom from £60, fully-custom from £150

If your podiatrist recommends orthotics we have a range of options to suit all budgets; off the shelf, semi-custom and fully custom. Custom orthotics are designed from a foam imprint of your foot, which is then scanned in to a Biometric Foot Scanner to produce a contour map of the soles of your feet. This scan result is then combined with information from your gait analysis and physical examination to produce a highly accurate and robust orthotic.

Minor foot surgery (for verrucas and in grown nails)... from £150

If you require foot surgery under local anaesthesia we will first need to do a pre-op appointment to inform you of the surgery and its aftercare. The surgery can usually be done within a few days of the pre-op appointment. The fee includes ALL follow-up appointments, dressings, and aftercare. Please contact us for more details.



Individuals.... £45 (60mins)

Couples... £55 (60 mins)


Should I bring anything?

Please bring details of any medications that you are taking, and copies of any tests or scans that you keep.

We have examination gowns, but you are welcome to bring other loose clothing that you would feel comfortable to be examined in.


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